One of the most innovative war games that we have been able to find in recent times is This War of Mine, which although set in a period of war is much more than that, and hence it has become one of the most desired games between those that are currently downloaded for Android mobile and tablet.

If you want to download This war of mine for Android mobile and tablet we will explain all the steps you should follow about it, but also if you do not know this action and drama game, we want to present what its plot is and why it has become one of the best Android games 2019.

This war of mine for android mobile and tablet

This War of Mine for Android mobile and tablet is finally available, after the success of the same game on computers. Like this, the mobile version of This War of Mine starts when in an Eastern European armed conflict, we find ourselves locked in a house and with the task of keeping three poor survivors alive.  The tension of what happens abroad is reflected in the game but also, we can live in first person the challenge of staying safe inside the house with all the problems and risks that entails.

War of Mine is taking place at present, and although it does not mention any country that we can associate with real life, the truth is that its plot could well have been inspired by some events that have had to do with recent wars, and of course, its graphic design is of a realism that sometimes instead of playing it seems that you are watching a series or a movie.

During the day, you should keep the survivors fed and as comfortable as possible, or at least work hard to create things that make them feel comfortable. At night, you can sleep, take care of the house or wander around the world to find supplies.  If you are lucky, there is no one at home, or those you find are kind enough to buy supplies. If you are not lucky, looking for supplies becomes a stealth game, in which you continue to rummage through everything while avoiding the most desperate and better armed than you. If you decide to leave, with a bit of luck your home will be well protected, so that it does not find items that you may be missing again or, worse, someone bleeds.

Several games allow players to challenge themselves with the planning of time and resources, but very few that force players to empathize with those who have experienced this horror in the real world. The war is hell in This War of Mine but much more shocking is how the game develops the survival part until it becomes one of the best games for Android mobile and tablet. so, that next we want to explain step by step how you can download this game.

Download this war of mine for android mobile and tablet

If you want to be able to download this war of mine for Android mobile and tablet without problems. The best of all will be that you enter Google Play and download it from there.

Of course, we have to say that unlike other similar games or which is also talked a lot lately. This War of Mine is not a free game. The download from Google Play, on the other hand, we can not fail to repeat that it is the official one, costs 1.99 euros. So even if you have to pay it is worth doing it considering that it is not expensive and that you make sure that you will have the game correctly installed.

To download it, it’s as easy as you usually do with the rest of the games and apps available on Google Play. You only give «Buy» and once downloaded you will have the option to open it. It also has a “share” option for other users of the “Family Library” option of the Google store although it does not work for all devices (you will have to check if possible).

Once accepted permits (location and storage) that appear and you can open the game and start the story of This War of Mine that will take you to an incredible experience.

The truth is that it is very simple Download This war of mine for Android mobile and tablet but in the case of not having Google Play installed (although you should) on your Android device, you have another option to download the game. Which is to do it through a download page for online videogames.

The “good” thing here is that by doing so through one of these pages you will not have to pay anything for the game, but you must make sure that what you download is certainly This War of Mine. We can tell you that the game you will find for example, in Aptoide.

Now, what you are going to download is not the game but it is an APK file that contains the game so that once downloaded that file. You will have to go to the configuration of your terminal and activate all download permissions so that when you access the APK folder of This War of Mine, you can open it without any problem.

Once you give “ok” to authorize the opening of the folder even if it is a “threat” that your phone does not recognize as something that I would recommend downloading, you just have to install the game by following all the steps indicated and ready! You can now enjoy This War of mine.