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Want to draw or take notes on your iPad? Discover our selection of the best stylus for iPad, iPad Pro, and iPad mini. The stylus is the best friend of the iPad! To help you choose what you need, we’ve put together the best stylus of the moment.

Apple PencilApple-Pencil

Price: $ 99

If you have an iPad Pro or iPad 9.7 ‘2018, the stylus of Apple is obvious.

The Apple Pencil is made of white plastic and fits comfortably in the hand. It was designed so that when you approach the iPad, it offers a response rate twice as fast as another stylus.

Another unique feature is its tip that you can use on its side to draw shadows, as you would with a pencil.

The Apple Pencil is also easier to set up than other pens: connect the Lightning connector to your iPad and the wireless connection will be established automatically and instantly.

Note that the Apple Pencil works only with the iPad Pro and the iPad (6th generation) so if you have another model (iPad Air or iPad mini before 2018), then you will need to get another pen.

Adonit Jot ProAdonit Jot Pro

Price: $ 22.30

Solid and pleasant to use, the Adonit Jot Pro is a great alternative to the Apple Pencil.

The tip of the stylus is like quilted and has a small transparent circle on the tip. The result is a rather fine line, more suitable for graphic designers than for people who just want to write on their tablets.

The Adonit Jot Pro also has the advantage of working with most iPad / iPhone (post 4S models) and comes with a free application.

Bamboo Fineline 3Bamboo Fineline 3

Price: $ 59.99

If you are looking for a stylus to take notes on your iPad, then the Bamboo Fineline 3 is for you.

It works with a wide range of applications, connects via Bluetooth and its tip gives a very natural result when you write.

Be careful, the Fineline 3 is great for writing and sketching on an iPad and iPad mini, but it’s not compatible with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro.

CADA Drawing Stylus for iPadCADA Drawing Stylus for iPad

Price: $ 11.99

The CADA Drawing is another option if you are looking for a not too expensive accessory.

This stylus is very light and its tip, spring, is surrounded by a small plastic disc that can rotate in all directions.

It is compatible with any type of touch screen, which means you can also use it on non-Apple devices.

Haha keep iPad StylusHahakee iPad Stylus

Price: $ 29.99

The Hahakee rechargeable stylus promises precision, smoothness and 40 hours of use with a 4-hour charge. A removable cap, at the top of the stylus, carefully covers its USB port and protects it from dust and dirt.

The stylus is conveniently turned off automatically when not in use, which saves battery life.

The aluminum stylus looks like a paper pencil and comes with 4 rubber replacement tips.

B & D StylusB & D Stylus

Price: $ 6.99

For less than 10 €, the B & D Stylus is a very good deal. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum and is sold with about 20 interchangeable rubber tips. Their different sizes will allow you to have more precise pen shots.

You will have the feeling of having a real pen between your fingers. The responsiveness of this pen is satisfactory for writing or drawing fluidly.

The B & D Stylus is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iPad Mini, and iPad Air.

MEKO Universal StylusMEKO Universal Stylus

Price: $ 14.96

The Meko stylus can be used for note-taking, drawing, and navigation on your tablet. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum, without any plastic parts. Its tip is, she, in the form of the transparent disc for more precision.

Ciscle Disc StylusCiscle Disc Stylus

Price: $ 10.99

The Ciscle Disc Stylus is quite similar to Adonit Jot Pro. Indeed, its transparent tip is circular in shape and rotates 180 °; the stylus comes with 2 replacement tips.

The body of this stylus is made of aluminum, which makes it durable and strong while remaining lightweight. It is equipped with a grip that allows good support and a nice outfit.

This stylus is compatible with any touch screen device, Android or iOS.


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