The best Games without Internet [2019]. Being able to play on our device without the need to connect to the Internet is a good thing and although we may think that every time we play the games that we download we will need to consume data. The truth is that some do not involve any expense so that we can enjoy them.

Android best Games without Internet: the best that you can download in 2019

Pokémon QuestPokémon Quest

We started our review of the best Games without Internet, talking about what is also one of the best games of the year 2019. Pokémon Quest is an original game in which the famous Pokémon are in cube format, and we will have to leave to Tumble cube Island to fight against other Pokémon, hunt treasures and explore new territories, besides having to cook all kinds of dishes to attract them to our party.

Download Pokémon Quest

Hungry Shark WorldHungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World the best games without internet for Android. Developed by Ubisoft, Hungry Shark World will make you dive into the open sea. Here you will be one of the more than 20 hungry sharks present, who will have to feed in a frantic way for their survival. And remember the main rule: eat or be eaten.

Download Hungry Shark World

MARVEL Spider-Man UnlimitedMARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited

We also want to recommend the download of MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited, a very successful game of the genre Runner Games, with very accurate graphics. As the protagonist is Spiderman, which we already know runs and jumps through the buildings at full speed and without stopping, the game has a quite original and varied dynamics that can attract all the fans of the genre.

Freeze! – The escapeFreeze! - The escape

Freeze! – The escape the best games without internet for Android, If you like strategy games but also add an action component, nothing like download Freeze! -La Escape, a mobile game that consists of several cells and levels as if they were a puzzle in which we have to take our protagonist through several levels to be able to escape precisely from those cells.

Download Freeze! The escape

NOVA LegacyNOVA Legacy

If you are looking for an offline game that you can enjoy for hours on your mobile device, NOVA Legacy is the 3D FPS game for you. In this complete science fiction universe, you will be Kal Wardin, a veteran, and hero who is forced to defend his abandonment or retreat to defend the forces of the colonial administration.

Download NOVA. Legacy

Tower BoxingTower Boxing

Tower Boxing is a game that although quite simple graphics (imitating the style of the games of the 80s), does not mean that it is not attractive, but that they make it even more interesting. It has ten characters represented as heroes: a bully, an athlete, a dragon, a golf lover, etc. All of them are famous boxers and they shake their fists masterfully to destroy a high-rise building.

Download Tower Boxing

Reigns: Her Majesty

Many Android users already appreciated in their day, Reigns, a strategy game in which, in the role of a monarch, we had to make some fundamental decisions for the fate of our kingdom. Now the Devolver Digital development team returns with the second chapter, Reigns: Her Majesty that returns the gameplay from dialogues and elections, but changes the protagonist, now with a funny queen with a charm of innocent “golden curls”.

Download Reigns: Her Majesty

Assassin’s Creed PiratesAssassin's Creed Pirates

On the other hand, we also recommend Assassin’s Creed Pirates, a best-seller within video games, which is offered free for Android smartphones and iPhones. In this game, you can create a crew, explore the seas, win naval battles and live an epic adventure of pirates in search of a hidden treasure.


Evoland is a game that we have to recommend to you in spite of having already some years. A wonderful idea for anyone who has loved the role-playing genre (RPG). Evoland starts from the bottom up, it is a monochromatic adventure, but little by little it makes its way through the history of this genre, ending with 3D in real-time, fighting against all kinds of enemies.

Fallout ShelterFallout Shelter

One of the most popular games that we can also play offline. Fallout Shelter is one of the best games for Android whose goal is to create a tunnel to the earth and also a vault that will allow us to keep our community alive underground. Can you keep them alive in front of assailants, reproaches and other threats? Get tested and you’ll see how addictive it is.

Download Fallout Shelter

Room ThreeRoom Three

The Room Three is a game belonging to the saga of The Room that not only pays attention to the mechanics of solving the complex enigmas present in its levels, of excellent quality among other things but also and above all to the atmosphere, recreated with an artistic direction full of details very carefully. The controls designed by the developers of Fireproof Games give the experience remarkable participation, and it is a pleasure to visit the different rooms offered by the game.

Download Room Three

Kingdom Rush FrontiersKingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, is another of the games for Android that we want to recommend which you can download for free and play offline without a problem. In its plot you have to defend the exotic lands of the inhabitants of the underworld, devouring plants of men and dragons with heroes and towers. You will have to be prepared to make many strategic decisions. Eleven heroes, more than 40 enemies, and more than 18 towers are just some of the features of the game.

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The GamesDumb Ways to Die 2

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games is the sequel to the now-famous Dumb Ways to Die, a game whose main attraction is to face absurd tests that can lead you to die. In this second installment, we find the new Wario Ware mini-games to face to try to save a life.

Download Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games

Temple Run 2

One of the most downloaded games of all time but there are still people who are unknown as one of the best offline games that you can get rid of. Temple Run 2 is the main ancestor of endless racing. Run, jump and slide endlessly in the game worlds, collect coins to improve your skills and unlock new characters.

Download Temple Run 2


Implosion the best games without internet for Android, If you are playing mobile games with great graphics, you can not miss Implosion. A game that is full of light effects and dynamic shadows, with well-animated and detailed three-dimensional models. Its optimization is, then, an additional winning point for Implosion, which manages to flow perfectly even in older devices. Do not miss it if you love action games. In this, in particular, you will have to fight against all kinds of adversaries.

Download Implosion

CSR Racing 2

If you like racing cars and you already know CSR Racing; we also recommend that you download their second installment, CSR Racing 2, in which you can run real races with some of the highest quality vehicles with names like Ferrari.

Download CSR Racing 2


If you like the Final Fantasy saga for some time now you can enjoy it on your Android device adding new, FINAL FANTASY IX for Android, the latest installment of one of the best and most iconic RPG series in history in you’ll find Titan, Vivi and company finally for Android.

Download FINAL FANTASY IX for Android


We also want to recommend you, Crashlands, a title that lives in a perennial equilibrium between the classic missions of RPGs and the experience of accommodating great graphics, contextualized in a stylistically adorable and animated universe, where the player is led to exploration by the nice and healthy sense of discovery.

Download Crashlands

Candy Crush Saga

Among the best games without the internet for Android, we have to mention also Candy Crush Saga. A game that has existed since 2012 and has conquered the market from Facebook, where it has been the most used application for years. As you already know it is a game in which we have to move and combine different candies or fruits so that they form colored lines and in this way, we can advance in levels.

Download Candy Crush Saga

Geometry Dash Lite

Geometry Dash Lite is an endless game with a focus and a rhythm that will make you unable to leave it at any time, so you can even take advantage of playing the moments when you do not have internet.

The graphics and the gameplay are simple, but the game is addictive and satisfying. It requires a perfect synchronization, to overcome the different phases or levels that are changing and that we must go through following a pattern that marks a very particular rhythm.

Download Geometry Dash Lite

Angry Birds Stella

This is the best game without the internet for Android. Angry Birds is a popular game of leftovers that we have all known but the truth is that from the original we can find different versions, and this is perfect for when we run out of data or without connection.

Download Angry Birds Stella


This is a game that you can not only play in “offline” mode but also seems to have become fashionable at the moment and is known for its clone 2048. It is a simple rules puzzle that consists of matching numbers avoiding to run out of the movement.

Numbers and word games are the keys to progressing in a game that ends up becoming something addictive.

Download Threes

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 the best games without internet for Android. Perhaps one of the most famous games for mobile devices, we can play it now without an internet connection. Surely you already know him but if not, his mission is to save our house from the attack of the living dead. To defend ourselves we can get hold of all kinds of plants. It is more complete, with more zombies, dangers, plants, and scares than the first part.

Download Plants Vs Zombies 2

Swamp Attack

Spectacular game “offline” that consists of defending your home of some animals that have gone crazy and that are attacking your cabin in the swamp. You have to defend it and survive the attacks of the evil zombie creatures that have no mercy.

It is also free and has a multiplayer mode that has more than 300 different levels in single-player mode, plus 8 episodes and quick missions to enjoy the action instantly.

Download Swamp Attack

Mini Warriors

With this offline game, you can show the alliance of a legion to fight against Nigel, God of Darkness, and crush the conspiracy.

In the multiplayer game, you can create your brave legion and recruit great heroes.

Download Mini Warriors

Shadow Fight 2

This is the best game without the internet for Android. Shadow Fight 2 is a wrestling game that maybe many of you already know. You do not need to connect to the internet to play with these warriors in silhouettes battles, acquire new weapons and learn new moves as we move forward in a game that is one of the most exciting we have this year.

The game does, however, develop at a slower pace than many other fighting games; but this makes us appreciate reactions and a technique that is not only important but also introduces us to a story that only moves or advances as long as we know how to synchronize movements and times.

Of course, once the fights begin, they can become very tense, especially when we realize the quality of their realistic animations that act as a delicious counterpoint to the visual style similar to a comic that is in their menus

Download Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 the best game without the internet for Android. If we talk about Shadow Fight 2 we also have to talk about Shadow Fight 3, a game that combines elements of RDA and 3 different fighting styles to choose from. So that somehow it advances in its theme and also presents many novelties in its combats and fights. Collect and combine movements, weapons, armor, equipment, and various skills to be the best “shadow fight” of all.

Download Shadow Fight 3

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

I have already told you about the Angry Birds Stella, but also the second game dedicated to Star Wars given that this might be the most careful version of all the Angry Birds games we have found to date.

Rovio has perfected his winning formula to make a fantastic looking game that we want to play at all hours. Everything about Angry Birds Star Wars 2, from the graphic style, to the menus, or the character design and the level skills, make it one of the highest quality games, and not only that but also not you need a connection

Whether you love or hate Angry Birds, it is difficult to be seduced by this title because of the way it achieves its goals. Apart from the sometimes disturbing peaks of difficulty, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is a resounding success.

Download Angry Birds Star Wars

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition

This is one of the best Games without Internet role-playing sagas that have ever existed on the PC, and now we finally have it for our enjoyment on touch screen devices. It has a group of heroes, who have to escape from the clutches of the evil wizard Irenicus, to walk through a vast world in search of revenge and adventure. Baldur Gate is similar to other games like Dragons and Dungeons, the mod that becomes the richest role experience we can get for Android devices when we are offline.

Download Baldur, s Gate Enhances Edition

Annelids: Online Battle

The addictive battle game that once downloaded requires an internet connection as long as you wish to play with your friends, but without wanting to play you can only use it without any problem without any connection.

It is a fun game in which you must conquer the land, and place a flag being also a fun worm with striking colors. The best thing is without a doubt that your strategies and battles are played in the company, being a game that has been developed so that six players can be connected at the same time, but when you want to “train” or see what steps you must take to progress , nothing like doing it on your own and of course, offline.

Download Annelids: Online Battle

Fruit Ninja FreeFruit Ninja Free

Maybe you already know this game because Fruit Ninja Free is a new version of Fruit Ninja, whose main objective is to cut fruit but you can also do it completely offline.

You will not need the connection for a game in which you must cut fruits, not bombs, and not only that but with this new version, you can play in classic mode, in Zen mode and even imitating the Arcade mode and always without the need to connect. Each time you cut a piece of fruit, you will get points, and you can also use powers and get special bananas with which to obtain a greater effect on your performance, as well as use new features such as multiple-slice grenade.

Download Fruit Ninja Fruit

Cut the Rope Full

Cut the Rope is another best Games without Internet that you surely know, so you can not miss the new Cut the Rope Full with which you can play for hours without the need of an internet connection. Help on Nom in this new adventure in which he will again have to eat candy, and not only that, but you will also have to get gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock new and exciting levels.

Download Cute the Rope Full

Hitman GO

If you go to strategy games, Hitman GO is the best Games without Internet. In this game that you can play without being connected, you will need to move with skill among the different scenarios that appear reproduced as if they were models. You will have to move forward in the game, through the grid in which you find yourself to avoid the enemies and thus be able to eliminate your target or infiltrate in well-guarded places, so you have to be careful and meditate well all and each of your steps. But you should not worry because you will have some help and so, you will have the usual inventory of Hitman’s trade: as disguises, distractions, sniper rifles and even the legendary Silverdale’s pistols.

Download Hitman Go

Smash Hit

We also recommend this other game, in which offline you can move through reality with a mystical dimension through which you will have to move forward, following the rhythm of sound and music and thereby crushing everything you find on your way. You have to be careful and very precise; concentration and a good place to travel as far as you can and break the beautiful glass objects that you will find along the way.

Download Smash Hit

Alto’s Adventure

This offline game was only released for Android a few months ago but it can already be considered one of the best offline games. It is an adventure in which you must guide a snowboarder down a treacherous mountain.

The stages are generated procedurally, that is, each race is different, so we have the task of achieving a series of specific objectives each time. Also, we have to try to achieve these objectives before crashing down the slope. Like many auto-runner games, Alto’s Adventure has the use of an individual action button that allows us to jump with a single touch on the screen.

Download Alto’s Adventure


Life is cheap in BADLAND. In this offline game, we must control a species of hedgehogs that move up, down, and usually, go in the right direction. Occasionally many appear at once, so under our direction, we must prevent them from being destroyed and catch as many as we can.

Visually impressive, Badlands is a game that will delight those who value the size, speed, and difficulty of this type of game.

Download Badland


The popular medieval real-time strategy game comes in its Android version. The best way to get us to play a game that although difficult to manage, has a visual aesthetic that many will be familiar with.

The only drawback is that the free version is full of ads, but if you spend a few hours with Townsmen. It is more likely that you want to spend a lot more so that it is surely worth it to pay for it a few euros.

Download Townsmen

Shadow Fight 2Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 best Games without Internet. The user has a series of warriors that face different battles. The acquisition of new weapons and learning new movements are some of the objectives as it progresses.

Fights can become very tense, especially when the health bar is getting closer and closer, and the feeling of each stroke feels more detailed. Which makes it much more visually appealing. Realistic animations also stand out, acting as a delicious counterpoint to the style of comic art that we find in the menus.

Download Shadow Fight 2

Punch Quest

This vibrant and chaotic game became an instant hit when it landed on the Play Store thanks to its design. Development and of course because we can enjoy it offline. An action game that has an aesthetic similar to old games and that stands out because to play we can make our character jump and punch with two unique buttons, without the need to be touching the screen.

The visual design of the game is fantastic, remembering the old games of Arcade. You can also customize your character, level up, and even ride a dinosaur in a game that you will no doubt be delighted with.

Download Punch Quest

Earn 2 DieEarn 2 Die

Earn 2 Die is a side-scrolling adventure that takes us in a race through an apocalyptic wasteland full of zombies. Far superior to the first edition Earn 2 Die.

As you play, you will receive cash prizes based on the number of zombies you kill and the miles you advance through the city. The new game scenario that comes out of the desert you were in when we played in the first version.

To reach our destination. We can access 10 different vehicles that must be unlocked and that will provide us with great doses of action and fun.

Download Earn 2 Die


If you go games with some mystery Limbo is perhaps the most recommended of all. A grim 2D platform game, in which we must control a young boy who has entered a solitary monochromatic world in search of his sister.

It is a classic indie game that users of PC games will know and that is now launched with great care on Android. The world of Limbo is sad, mysterious and beautiful. And once you download it will be too late to regret it because you will be immersed in its enigmatic story that will continue and will develop without problem even if you do not have a connection.

Download Limbo

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