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Best free games for Android. More than a decade after its launch, Google Play is today the richest app store in the industry, with more than two million apps available. Of these, video games are obviously well represented and the life of the gamer on a smartphone has never been so fantastic!

On the Android platform, titles have definitely gained momentum, with visual effects increasingly spectacular, a real immersion in the heart of the action and a level of achievement that has nothing to envy the best productions of the moment on consoles of the living room. But another game, less fun this one, is profiled in parallel: that of separating the wheat from the chaff and to flush out the best titles, among the fallacious promises and free versions too limited.

We have thus updated our list of the best free games on Android, with all the must-haves of the moment but also the little unknown pearls that we have found for you. There are of course the famous Pokémon Go or Hearthstone, as well as the impressive PUBG Mobile that prefigures e-sports on a smartphone, but also some titles that should soon enjoy great popularity, such as Picross Tale or Badland Brawl.

Best free games for Android

Nimble QuestNimble Quest

The best action game


Very original, Nimble Quest is a rich idea that manages to concretize itself effectively in reality. Thus by bumping against the walls, the level is lost and the team must be reconstituted again. We particularly appreciate the 8-bit character design and the renewal of challenges.

Download Nimble Quest

PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile

The best free games for a shooter


Of course, the touch controls are less obvious than the keyboard-mouse combination on the computer. Especially since we quickly press the shooting button while we only look elsewhere. However, we will console with a well-designed protection curve, the Tencent editor having indeed added many bots for the first parts, to familiarize you with the touch controls. The game remains effective with good doses of adrenaline.

Download PUBG Mobile


The best free games for a platform game


Action and reflection game Badland offers a dreamlike but scary world. The game is easy to handle with its horizontal scrolling and a simple touch of the screen to raise the character. The graphics are particularly well done and its gameplay makes it a really addictive game.

Download Badland

Kingdom RushKingdom Rush

The best free games for a tower defense


With a real variety in tower types, various special weapons available, a good system to improve your arsenal and even the integration of heroes, Kingdom Rush takes the best of the tower defense genre. The game is also very easy to access with simple mechanics to grasp and difficult to master for a good progression curve.

Download Kingdom Rush

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic BoomSonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom

The best endless runner


Even if it is not a frank novelty, Sonic Dash 2 manages to tap us on the screen, through its impressive action and its real sensation of speed. The pleasure of embodying Sega’s iconic mascot obviously plays out and we bend to the principle of daily challenges, which reinvent the courses every time. A title accessible to the greatest number, including young children.

Download Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom


The best strategy/management game


By its unique route, Vainglory is a particularly dynamic game. MOBA lovers will not be distressed with the skill trees, shops or levels to win. Only, the gameplay is particularly dynamic and you particularly fall against the opponent’s players. A very good way to learn MOBA, with excellent touch playability.

Download Vainglory

Warhammer 40,000: Space WolfWarhammer 40000 Space Wolf

The best roleplay


Warhammer 40 Space Wolf is an excellent tactical role-playing game. You play as a space marine charged to destroy the enemies of the Imperium with a strong tactical dimension. The game is played on a turn-based basis with a box system on which you can move your units. It also offers different cards representing weapons and equipment to customize the abilities of your characters. We love its sharp mechanics and its simplicity of approach.

Download Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf

Card ThiefCard Thief

The best adventure game


Simple at first glance, Card Thief quickly reveals its complexity with a lot of randomnesses and tough choices to make. It requires a lot of thought on the part of the player in his handling of the infiltration; these points can only be regained on an ad hoc basis. A very good game, demanding and sometimes a real headache.

Download Card Thief

Marvel the Champions TournamentMarvel the Champions Tournament

The best fighting game


With just three possible interactions on the screen, Marvel Tournament of Champions manages to reproduce to a large extent the sensations of a classic 2D fighting game. The game is handled simply by pressing the screen, sliding your finger or tapping left or right of the screen. We also appreciate being able to play several Marvel characters and unlock them as you go. A real success.

Download Marvel Tournament of Champions

Real Racing 3Real Racing 3

The best racing game


A true reference for car simulation on a smartphone, Real Racing 3 continues to become the most complete title for all fans of every detail. The graphics engine is particularly bluffing, with very precise physics management. The content is rich, with many models and builders represented, as well as real circuits. But the paid content remains considerably highlighted.

Download Real Racing 3

FIFA FootballFIFA Football

The best sports game


With a richly enriched content in this 2019 version, FIFA stands out as one of the best simulations of football in the mobile sauce. The learning is very progressive and you cover various aspects of the discipline, from the creation of your dream team to the practice of offensive phases, through a pure multiplayer mode. Obviously, the temptations to get hold of the wallet are many, but the title of EA remains generous enough to make you dribble a long time.

Download FIFA Football

The best multiplayer game


The principle of cannot be simpler, but it can not be more addictive. In a gigantic space, you play a sphere whose goal is to grow as much as possible. To do this, you must swallow the smaller sphere by sticking to it, and avoid larger spheres. Be careful, the larger the sphere, the slower it will be. As you can see, almost all spheres are controlled by players who play along with you online. Internet connection required.



The best puzzle game


The eternal classic among the classics, Tetris is available here in a beautiful mobile version signed Electronic Arts. There are several original game modes, such as “Tetris Galaxy” with daily puzzles to solve, or “Travelers” where you challenge other players. But it is especially through its outstanding gameplay that Tetris captures us on a daily basis … and that it manages to make us forget the countless commercials.

Download Tetris


The best board game/cards


Hearthstone is Blizzard’s card game set in the same universe as World of Warcraft. If it takes again the principle of Magic the Gathering, it is the however a simpler approach for the neophytes. It contains the system of creatures, spells, and heroes, but also different classes, nine in total. The goal is to compose his deck of thirty cards to overcome the thirty points of life of the opposing hero. It’s easy to approach and we get caught up very quickly.

Download Hearthstone

Duel QuizDuel Quiz

The best quiz game


Duel Quiz is an excellent general culture game to face your loved ones or random opponents all over the world. Each game takes place in six rounds with three questions each, all on a different theme. The themes include history, television, and biology. We particularly appreciate its simplicity of approach and the fact of being able to launch several parts at the same time, all played asynchronously.

Download Duel Quiz

Ruzzle AdventureRuzzle Adventure

The best letters game


In the game of letters, Ruzzle quickly established itself as the reference on smartphones. If the original version could simply find as many words as possible in a grid of letters, Ruzzle Adventure pushes the challenge even further. There are indestructible bricks, diamonds, bombs and other bonuses or penalties that are reminiscent of a Candy Crush. We want more…

Download Ruzzle Adventure

Tap Tap Reborn 2Tap Tap Reborn 2

The best rhythm game


In the vein of Guitar Hero, Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution, Tap Tap Reborn 2 reexplores wonderfully the genre of rhythm games. The real advantage of this version? The songs are illustrated by YouTube videos, the guarantee of playing the real “scores” and live thoroughly the discography of your favorite artists. We find dozens of free pieces; it will show you patiently to unlock the others.

Download Tap Tap Reborn 2


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