Are you looking for a robot vacuum cleaner to dust the floors of your home while you cook? Take a look at Eufy RoboVac R500, maybe he could do the trick.


The Eufy RoboVac R500 from Eufy is a no-frills device, which is very easy to use but also to maintain. Although he sometimes stubbornly passes obstacles that are insurmountable to him, he remains very satisfied as a whole.

He manages to capture dust and any hair follicle. In other words, the R500 performs very well its function which is undue.

Nevertheless, we regret that at this price, it has neither application nor a real navigation system, as proposed models of Xiaomi or iRobot.

Test: Eufy RoboVac R500 robot vacuum cleaner

The French robot vacuum market is dominated by the American giant’s iRobot and Neato. However, this duo could be disturbed by the RoboVac of the Chinese brand Eufy, Anker Company.

Price and Availability of the Eufy RoboVac R500

Price: € 349.99

The prices charged by these different resellers give us a small clue about the quality of the R500, its performance, and the features we are entitled to expect.

Moreover, if we refer to competing for robot vacuums of the same price, then we can deduce that this Eufy model is part of the midrange.

Beyond, it will be manufacturers such as Neato, iRobot, LG, Ecovacs whose autonomous robots “base” are sold from 600 €. And, some models Dyson to even 1000 €.

Now, find out what the RoboVac R500 is worth. You will know if he deserves this expense and his place in your home.

Design of the RoboVac R500

The RoboVac R500 has a design similar to most robot vacuums on the market; Eufy relies on a circular shape rather than D, for example.

It is entirely covered with black plastic; on its top, a single command was placed, the start button.

It lights up in blue when it’s ready and functional, in orange to let you know it needs charging or charging.

Finally, it takes the color red to warn you that a problem is encountered (battery too weak, brush stuck).

On the front, there is the bumper and infrared sensor; the latter can detect obstacles he can not cross. In the back, was integrated a dust bin with a capacity of 600 ml.



Finally, the R500 is equipped with two heavy-duty wheels, a swivel wheel, a drop sensor, a roller brush and an on / off switch. And, it is also upside down, that you will have to place two side brushes.

Thanks to its height of 7.25 cm, the R500 can interfere and slip without any problem under furniture, desks, sofas, bookcases or beds, so that no dust and residue is left to chance.

Use and performance of the Robovac R500

If we had to describe the RoboVac R500 in one word, it would be simplicity. Its design is simple, as well as its use and its features.

In our tests, this Eufy model proved to be effective; we did not have to lift a finger to assist, except to clear the small obstacles that litter the ground daily (plugs, power cables, bags, shoes…).

If any part of your home has a carpeted floor, then be aware that the Eufy will do a good job of cleaning. The same goes for parquet and tiled floors.

Its small side brushes, they will be responsible for going to tickle and trap the dust residues that revolve around.



The two wheels of the R500 allow it to hoist on carpets, or any other object measuring less than 16 mm. However, even if he manages to move on thick carpets, cleaning, it will remain relative.

We give him a mention very well for its small height (7.25 cm) that we found very convenient and even ideal for dusting areas hard to reach, or requiring more effort and flexibility.

The RoboVac R500 knows how to detect obstacles and overcome them, but sometimes this ability shows its limits. Indeed, before deciding to turn back, the R500 will want to fight a passage and persist in braving side obstacles (such as chair legs), or cables and electrical outlets.

We, therefore, recommend that you make a clean space before using Eufy R500 and use the bounding tape provided. As the name suggests, it will prevent the robot vacuum to go beyond the demarcation you impose.

As for the suction power, Eufy declares that the R500 reaches, at its maximum, 1500 Pa.

You can choose from 3 settings: Standard, BoostIQ, and Max. The BoostIQ is a smart feature that adapts the robot’s power to the amount of dust to suck.

What about the noise? Eufy measures the decibel rate of the R500 at 60; it is, according to the company, as noisy (or silent depending on your point of view) as a dishwasher.

During our use, it’s sound volume did not bother us at all; the R500 has been very discreet.

This RoboVac, as we said above, has a very simple and minimalist style, but that also applies to its use. Here, no application, you will not be able to launch it from your smartphone or tablet.

This means that the maximum distance you will have to stand is 5m and handle it from the remote (batteries are included).

Using the latter, you will select its suction power, its cleaning mode (restricted area, angle, single piece, and manual), you can return it to its base, set the time and schedule (by slice quarter of an hour).

Note that with the R500, you will not be able to direct it from another room or your place of work … nor to do a single programming a day, will it be only hourly.

If you want a model Eufy more connected and autonomous, then we recommend the model RobotVac 30C.

It comes with remote control, it works via the app Eufy Home (iOS / Android) and voice assistants Alexa and Google Home, and you can plan on cleaning a week.

Know that the R500 has a range of up to 2 hours, which leaves him time to maintain your home. However, if you have a large space, these 2 hours could be insufficient.


Now it’s your turn to get your hands dirty and clean the R500. Eufy provides you with a cleaning brush and a spare filter to get rid of all the dirt, hair and hair intermingled so that it is clean as a penny.

Its dust collector retracts effortlessly; you have to pull it towards you and flat. Eufy recommends cleaning the filters and the rolling brush once a week, the others only once a month.

Technical sheet

  • Filling capacity: 0.6 L
  • Max power suction: 1500 Pa, BoostIQ
  • Noise level: 60 dB
  • Programmable: yes
  • Suction on carpets and long pile carpets: yes
  • Filter Type: High-Performance Filter
  • Height: 7.25 cm
  • Navigation system: Sensors
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Recharge time: 6 hours
  • Autonomy: 100 minutes, almost 2 hours