Super Mario Run for Android 2019. Super Mario is undoubtedly one of the most famous video game characters of all time. It is a classic that has adapted to the times and currently has a game, Super Mario Run, for mobile and tablet that is the most fun and of course, downloaded.

If you still do not have Super Mario Run for Android installed on your mobile or tablet, we are going to give you the keys to it since it is a game that not only will have fun but is suitable for the whole family and is also one of the Trendiest are currently. Let’s see what it consists of and how to download Super Mario Run for Android mobile and tablet.

Super Mario run for android mobile and tablet

Super Mario Run is perhaps one of those almost “indispensable” games if we think of the Android mobile and tablet games that we cannot miss on our device. I don’t say it just because it’s a fun game, or because it takes us back to the “retro” fashion of games, or video game characters, that we’ve all known as kids, but because it’s also the most downloaded Android game in 2017

That is why surely more than one will be curious to know how to download Super Mario Run for Android mobile and tablet and we will explain it to you, but first, you must know the game a little better or in fact what we have to do to make Mario I can run and overcome any obstacle.

From the beginning, the game is completely recognizable, or at least for those who once played some of the iterations that Mario Bros has had in consoles. With a 2D level design, it lives up to the solid reputation of the series, with graphics and movements that compare favorably with the refined Super Mario Bros. games for Nintendo DS and 3DS. In this way, the game stands out for its graphics but also for the ease with which you can make Mario jump; bounce against the walls and attack enemies in the air with a simple touch of the screen something that makes it addictive.

Instead of struggling to reach the end of a level dominating the platforms, here the ultimate goal is to collect coins on your way to the finish line. Gold coins will help us not only to win but to build a Mushroom Kingdom. Each level requires the capture of five coins, increasingly difficult to catch or reach.

The levels are quite short and with a little practice, you may have finished the game a few hours although we already tell you that you want to start over and repeat again and again.

On the other hand, you have the possibility, that if you get tired of chasing coins and playing levels, you will not be left empty-handed. You still have Kingdom Builder and Toad Rally modes to explore. With a bank full of coins, you can build a small kingdom with houses, flowers, and other ornaments. You can also equip a piece of land and not only this but in some of these levels of the game you compete against the ghost of other players, and if you are the winner, they give you a handful of Toads with which to fill that land.

We are as I say before one of the best games not of 2017 but also for 2019, so you want to know how to download Super Mario Run for Android mobile and tablet attentively because we explain it in detail below.

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Download super Mario run for android mobile and tablet

Without a doubt, the best thing to download Super Mario Run for Android mobile and tablet is that you enter the Google Play store and download it from there. The game is completely free so you can play without any problem after having installed it in a matter of minutes.

As you have already done with other games, all you have to do is enter Google Play and search for the game (we leave the download link below), and click on the install tab, then the installation will begin and Once you see that the download is complete you can open the game and start playing.

We have to say that the game is completely free, and we can play at almost all levels without paying anything, although it also includes integrated purchases so that you may see a message to buy coins for example or to try some of the different game modes that are also present.

Surely once you have read everything we have explained you are already downloading Super Mario Run through Google Play, but there is also another possibility in case you do not have the Google store installed on your mobile or tablet.

In this way, we can recommend you go to download pages that are reliable like Softonic or Uptodown and from there you download Super Mario Run. What happens is that if you do it here, you will not download the game itself, but will download it through an APK file.

To open the game then what you have to do first is to authorize from the Settings device so the file can be opened without a problem. You go to the Security option and from there to Unknown origins and approve the file to open and you can download what is inside, which is the game.

We also leave you the download link so you can have Super Mario Run from the aforementioned Google Play for free, and also do not miss the list of the best Android 2019 games we have created.