We will explain what it is and how to configure Google Family Link, the application created by Google to manage parental control of Android. It is an application where you can manage your children’s screen hours, the apps they can use and know where the devices in which their accounts are linked are always.

We will start the article by briefly explaining what this application is and what you can do with it. Then, we will guide you step by step and in two sections throughout the process of setting up Family Link by linking your son or daughter’s account. And then, we will end up summarizing what you will find in the options you will have on your mobile as a parental control administrator.

What is Family Link?

Family Link is a parental control application created by Google, and it allows parents to remotely control their children’s device, both their Android phone and their Chromebook. Parents can use it on devices with a version of Android 4.4 KitKat or later, as well as on mobiles with iOS 9 onwards. As for the children’s device, it must have an Android 7.0 Nougat or later operating system.

This parental control system works through the Google account. As a parent, you will link the Google or Gmail account that your child has set up on their mobile, and the data or locks you make will take place on the devices where that account is used. This means that if your child later uses another account or decides to change it, you will have to set it all up again.

With this application, you can monitor the time your child spends looking at the mobile, and also about how much of that time they spend with an application. With this, you will be able to know the type of use that it is giving to your device, and you will be able to establish time limits so that they are with the mobile on or even block certain applications.

It also lets you know where your child’s device is at all times, set limits on the visibility of the content that will be found in the Google Play Store or configure Google SafeSearch to block adult searches. You can also check the permissions that can be given to the applications that are installed, such as location, contacts, access to the microphone or the camera.

Other functions of the application are the resetting of the password of the children’s Google account, activate and deactivate the secure search of YouTube Kids, or see all the devices where they are using their Google account.

Start the configuration on the mobile of the father or mother

The first step to configure Family Link is to install it on the device of the father, mother or guardian who will control the activity of the children. Install the application from Google Play, and when you open it and ask who will use the device, click on the option Father, mother or guardian that will appear on the screen.

After a screen that reminds you that you will need to have the mobile of the son or daughter you want to manage next to you, and where you only have to click on Next, you will have to set up your account as a family administrator. To do this, the app will detect the account you have linked to the mobile and you just have to press the done button to confirm that you want to be the administrator.

Next, the process will ask if your child has Google accounts, which are also Gmail accounts. If you do not have an account, you better proceed to create it. And if you already have an account that you are using on your own Android mobile, press the Yes button to proceed to link it to Family Link.

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Then you will be shown a screen in which you are simply advised to have your child’s mobile nearby, and when you go ahead you will see the capture. In it, you will be given a nine-character code that you have to use on your son or daughter’s mobile to link their account to your Family Link.

Link the son or daughter’s mobile account

Now it’s time to move on to the boy or girl’s mobile that you want to add to parental control. On that device download the Google Family Link application for children and teenagers that you can find in [Google Play] (Google Family Link for children and teenagers). Once you download this application, you must log in with the account of the child or teenager to be added.

Once logged in, the mobile will ask if you want to add to the family group managed by the person who is using the parent or guardian app. To proceed, click on the Join button in the lower right corner of the screen.

You will arrive at a screen where the boy or girl who is installing the app will be informed of everything their parents can do from now on. It also specifies what cannot be done, such as reading messages or histories. To continue, click on the Next button that appears at the bottom right.

The application will request a second confirmation to perform the action, and it will be recalled that parents and guardians will be able to track the account. Here you just have to click on the Allow button to confirm.

Now a window will open in which Android will warn you that it is giving you the control to administer and monitor the device to a third-party application, as in this case, it is Family Link. Press the Activate button to confirm the step. The appearance of this window may change depending on the mobile manufacturer.

Then you will go to a screen where you have to give a name to the device to identify it, and when you do it will go to another one in which you can disable some of the applications that are installed on the mobile. And that’s it, after this process, the configuration of the smallest mobile will be finished.

And now, you only have to manage Family Link

Now, you only have to go back to the device where the Family Link administrator account has been set up and start browsing the management options offered by the app. They will all appear on the screen, and you will only have to click on Configure to see their options. Now we leave you the list of sections and what can be done in each one.

Location: The device location history can be activated to know that a private map of the places your child goes to is generated with the devices where he uses the linked Google account.

Use of applications: You can see the activity of the applications used on the devices with the linked account. What applications have been used in the last 30 days and how much.

Screen time: You can set the number of hours you can have the mobile screen on from Monday to Sunday. There is also the option Bedtime, which sets a few hours in which the mobile phone is no longer allowed.

Applications: You can see the applications that have just been installed and those that are installed on your mobile, and block those that you do not want to use.

Device settings: Permissions and settings of the device on which linked accounts are used can be managed. You can add or delete users, enable or disable permission to install apps from unknown sources, or developer options. You can also change the location settings and monitor the permissions granted by the device applications.