Best android games without internet: Games for mobile devices are increasingly varied, and although many users are looking for the best depending on their plot or if they are free or not, the truth is that those games with the games are also highly valued that we can spend hours playing without the need for an internet connection.

In this way, we want to offer you the list of the best android games without internet 2019 so that you can enjoy all kinds of games without the need to be spending data or so that the game is not cut if suddenly, you are without Wifi.

The list that we leave below, is not only a compilation of the best android games without internet 2019, but it is also a good selection of games that are very popular and that we recommend you try in at least one game.

Imagine that you are in a situation where you are bored, take out your smartphone and check-in horror that you have no Internet connection. Before you cry, Android can save you. Here you will find the best Android games that you can play without an Internet connection.

Best android games without internet

Into the dead

If you like the endless game, this is the best without an Internet connection for you. You have to move to the opposite side of the zombies. And if about 5 zombies hit you, then you will die. While you play you will feel as if you are in the dreadful world of zombies.

You can also unlock weapons to stay alive in the Game. It comes with four different control schemes: tilt, touch, thumb, and reflected cane. You can also select Graphics Quality between Low and High. It is compatible with several languages, so you can play the game in 15 different languages.

Soccer Star 2018 Top LeaguesSoccer Star 2018 Top Leagues

It is a quality mix of two game genres: soccer simulator and administrator for Android devices. The user must go all the way of the true soccer player, from the usual player of the first league to the star of his national team.

Upon entering the game, the user does not see the game process, just a brief textual review of what is happening. When the opponent breaks the rules near his penalty area, you appear on the soccer field. The main character (soccer player) under the direction of the user must take a free throw. The graphics, the sound, and the game are rich.

Shadow fight

Another action-packed offline game that can be the perfect choice for action lovers. With a fun and exciting game, you can even teach movements to evolve like a true warrior. With two action moves: kick or hit the opponent. You can amplify your gaming experience with the use of a steering pad as well.

Asphalt NitroAsphalt Nitro

Do you want to compete like a pro? Asphalt Nitro is another very exciting game from the best series of offline Android games. The best feature of these offline games is that it only requires 110 MB of your phone’s storage, and it can be considered as one of the best offline Android games.

The graphics are not as excellent as the Asphalt series, but the game is super exciting. All you need to do is get in your car and keep running up to 125 levels; each with an improved level of difficulty.


The Gameloft Company knows how to win the hearts of the players, and the test is the game Six-Guns for Android. The plot will take you to the Wild West, where your character is a desperate cowboy. Having lost his wife and the hope of a better life, he helps those in trouble: beautiful ladies, sheriffs, Indians and other inhabitants of the area.

At your disposal, there will be a gun and a horse, which are designed to help the cowboy in a dangerous shooting. The graphics and sound effects remind of the Wild West, which makes the game even more fun. The game initially consumes 412 MB of storage for your device and that is the only weak point.

Plants VS Zombies 2Plants VS Zombies 2

All those who are zealous to play mobile games must have loved the first series of the Plants VS Zombies game. Here comes the second series of the fun strategic game that has been considered the best Android game without an Internet connection. Even in the Plants VS Zombies 2 series, there is a great variety of plants with different special qualities.

Zombies want to enter your garden and kill you. All you need to do is trace the plants in such a way that their special powers are used to kill the zombies. This requires strategic planning because with each level the difficulty in playing becomes more difficult.

Pokémon Quest

New to Google Play is Pokémon Quest, the latest pocket monsters title released on Android. In Pokémon Quest, all Pokémon have become cubes, and your goal will be to go out in search of hidden treasures on Rodacubo Island. Along the way, he will be able to form a team of Pokémon, fight with other monsters and create the best camp on the island.

Alto’s OddyseyAlto's Oddysey

Another classic saga that has been renewed this year is Alto’s Adventure. After a successful first delivery, Alto’s Oddysey now arrives, which will allow you to accompany Alto’s throughout its journey through the immense desert, only endowed with its skis. Without a doubt one of the Best android games without an internet connection.

Marvel spider-man unlimited

Fans of the Marvel universe will be glad to know that Spider-Man UNLIMITED is one of the Android games that you can play without a permanent Internet connection. In this action runner, it is possible to choose between 200 characters from the Spider-Man universe and fight against the Sinister Six.

Major mayhemMajor mayhem

It’s hard to say without further ado that Major Mayhem is a fun game. You have to download it from Google Play and see for yourself how addictive it can be. This is another of the fantastic mobile games of Adult Swim in which you will play as the main character, defeating a series of bad guys.

The game is organized as a shooting gallery. The enemies leave the hiding places, and you shoot to kill them (or you throw bombs if you are especially angry). The enemies will also try to shoot you, so make sure Major Mayhem doesn’t get too damaged. You can earn bonuses for headshots, killing sticks and for fabulous deaths, and one tip: always update your weapons whenever you can.

Major Mayhem is the relief you need when you get the frustration of suddenly running out of the internet.

Shadow fight

Since the days of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, one-on-one combat games have been a great way to pass the time. If you have an Android device, you may want to give Shadow Fight a chance.

With this offline game, you will have to learn a lot of movements to be a true warrior. The game has two action buttons (hit or kick) and a directional pad. Learn the combinations and soon you will be a fantastic ninja. It’s harder than a game like WWE Immortals, but it’s also much more rewarding.

Shadow Fight’s two-dimensional art style, with silhouettes instead of characters, increases its charm. The key is to fight, and not that everything looks pretty.

Shadow blade zeroShadow blade zero

Forget Mario, your new favorite pet from a video game is Kuro, the ninja. Nothing will stop you in your search to find your teacher and deliver an important message. Let’s jump into the world of Shadow Blade, where you will cut enemies and jump traps until you find your teacher.

Shadow Blade is an unbeatable “offline” game and without a doubt, one of the Best android games without internet 2019. The good news is that Android users do not have to pay for it. Shadow Blade Zero is the free full game, ad-driven. But ads don’t need an Internet connection, so you can go on and play offline. What are you waiting for?

Crossy road

Crossy Road shouldn’t be so addictive, but it certainly is. Nor should it look visually so worked but should we complain about it?

Not at all, the 8-bit style is magnificent, since you control a chicken that simply wants to cross the street although with a truly amazing visual aesthetic. Touch to advance a lane, slide in any direction to move to that side, avoid the cars that come, the currents in your path, and reach the green grass as soon as possible.

You will go crazy trying to beat your score. The most important thing is that, although it is repetitive, it never gets boring, so you can play it for hours and even without the internet.


Weeks ago, someone on Reddit asked what the offline game was to have on Android; Lazors was the most voted comment. You start playing, and it’s obvious why. The game is intuitive, but at the same time challenging.

Each level begins with one or more active lasers and one or more objectives. You will also have a set of mirrors, glasses or other types of blocks to move around. You will have to place them so that the laser reaches the target. There are 280 levels to pass, and it becomes more difficult as you go.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. long time ago Zombies 2 is one of the games that usually appears in the Best Games listings, so we must also include it in this one dedicated to the best android games without the internet.

It is not only that you can play hours and hours offline but once you start, you will no longer be able to. The game is quite simple with a variety of plants with different abilities. But not only that but also, zombies want to infiltrate your garden and kill you. Trace the plants so that they can destroy the zombies before the walking dead can cause any damage.

As with any strategy game, it becomes more difficult as you progress. And yes, it aggressively drives integrated purchases in the application, but you don’t need to buy anything and not the internet, to enjoy this game.

Pixel dungeonPixel dungeon

It is rare to find a free game that is also “offline” without ads or hidden costs. So you can rejoice, fans of role-playing games. Pixel Dungeon is a fantastic RPG that is completely free.

You play as a warrior, hunter, wizard or rogue, caught in the dungeons and looking for adventure. Explore more and more, finding new secrets, monsters, potions, and magic plants. The pixilated design is also an added value for a game that is already fascinating.

Flick soccer 17

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, so, naturally, Google Play Store is full of them. Several of them are great, but when you are offline, this is the game you should have installed.

Flick Soccer 17 is the new version of the classic Flick Soccer game. It has superb graphics, better accuracy and improved physics that make it worthwhile even if you’ve played the original. All you have to do is score goals. Slide the ball in the correct path to pass it over the goalkeeper and the defenders and be the best on the field.

Sea battle 2Sea battle 2

Do you remember the old sink the fleet? The game in which you drew your ships on a grid map. Your opponent fired missiles, trying to evict them all. And you did the same for your ships. Well, Sea Battle 2 could perfectly be your digital recreation, and it’s as fun as the original.

Without connection, you can play against the “machine” and keep improving. But the best part is that Sea Battle 2 can not only be played offline, but even in multiplayer mode via Bluetooth. That’s right, this is the only game to play player against player without the need for internet. Two people can play it on a single phone, taking turns.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Award-winning sequel to the original version of Kingdom Rush, this is a strategy game based on fortified towers that allow to expand and defend the territory of common enemies and special warriors. A whole world that has different levels of difficulty to test strategy skills.

Fallout shelter

In a post-apocalyptic world, the main character has the mission of keeping what is left of humanity safe, so he must build a radiation-proof shelter, give each person a job, organize society, feed them and repopulate the world.

Hitman SniperHitman Sniper

Simulation game with excellent graphics, with first-person sniper optics. The adventure takes place through missions where the sniper must fulfill a contract and leave unharmed. With this, you will accumulate rewards and items to improve your weapons.

Tomb of the Mask

In the best style of the first videogames for its music and graphics. This is one of the best games without the internet. Try to go through a maze, full of obstacles and dangers while collecting treasure coins.

Zenonia 4

Fourth installment of the famous saga. It consists of the classic role-playing game where the characteristics of some of the main characters are taken to fulfill a campaign in different environments, fighting enemies, and overcoming various obstacles. With several levels of difficulty, it is also possible to enjoy Zenonia online and asynchronously.

Hardest Game Ever 2

Listed as the number one in its class in several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. It is a group of mini-games that test motor coordination and reaction speed. Ideal to compete with family and friends.

Angry Birds Go!

A success in mobile entertainment. This version of Angry Birds offers new versions of the characters against the horrible green pigs. Shooting game where the player’s ability to solve complex situations and the use of strategy is measured another game that will bring out the player’s sense of strategy, in addition to his aim.

Final Fantasy IVFinal Fantasy IV

A classic from the world of video games finally arrives for the Android platform. Classic characters, memorable battles with the best effects and strategies in the plays that make this an almost cult game. In this case, the download costs 16.99 euros in exchange for hours and hours of entertainment and amazing effects.

Freeze the Flight

With a somewhat gloomy and gloomy appearance, this game manages to get hooked by the difficulty of taking the hero out of the cell that imprisons him using the touch controls and trying to solve the level puzzle. Once resolved, it advances to new worlds and new challenges to solve.

Offline BubblesOffline Bubbles

One of the most classic options. Simple but very entertaining option for when you are offline. Collecting three or more bubbles of the same color will eliminate them and thus accumulate points to move to the next level and there are more than 1000 levels available.

NBA JAM by EA Sports

For lovers of the sport of giants, you can not miss this video game of the famous house EA Sports. This sports simulator has the best exponents of the sport and their respective teams to the delight of fans. This is a game where you play a two against two and you can enjoy all the players of the 30 NBA franchises.

The Room: Old SinsThe Room Old Sins

Solving detective-style puzzles is what this title offers, which complements the previous versions. Intriguing object tracks, interactive environments and a captivating soundtrack complete the appeal of this application. Of intuitive design, testing and adventures may no longer be both.

Temple Run 2

Popular endless race simulator, sequel to Temple Run, set in the Amazon jungle and the dangers it conceals. You have to travel the road constantly changing direction to get treasures and tools to easily overcome obstacles. One of the most downloaded fun games without the internet today.

Candy Crush SagaCandy Crush Saga

This famous video game features a couple of main characters such as little Tiffi and Mr. Toffe, who walk a path where at each level they must solve a puzzle, placing combinations of candies in groups of three, four or more. Only then can they move forward and fix all the problems in the Kingdom of Candy. One of the best android games without internet 2019.

We hope you have fun with these Android games that we have recommended for you to play the best android games without the internet, but if you know any that you want to add, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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